About Me

My name is Silvia Rahmawati. I was born in Jakarta, february 18th, 1988.

I finished my master and my bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering and Management, ITB. I love sports so so much esp basketball, cant live without sport, any kind of sport that has a ball inside..hahaha.. but i hate jogging so much, because theres no ball there..hahahha..

Im kinda sanguinis person which social relationship is such a number one of my priority list.  Id love to start new friendship things. So please do not hesitate to get along with me.. 🙂

I love my family and friends. without them, you cant be anything in this gorgeous world. So keep your family and friend as tight as you can.. and i believe only my family and my bestfriend that know me so well inside and outside..


Enjoy your life 😀


12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. mbak saya sudah baca di blog-nya, dan saya sangat tertarik dengan materi tentang penjadwalan terutama di dalam ruang lingkup suatu perusahaan. Karena saat ini saya bekerja sbg PPIC. Untuk itu bolehkah saya dibantu tentang teori maupun manajemen ttg schedulling, terutama yang terbaru. Atau informasi ttg Perencanaan/Penjadwalan Produksi. Terima kasih. Salam GBU

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